Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Hat Day

Who knew that there is a National Hat Day??? *insert girl raising hands emoji* I mean seriously, it was celebrated last January 15 and as usual I was late to find out about it. I’ve been meaning to blog about this look for long now (having worn around September) but I couldn’t find any perfect introduction. Yeah, I’m like that. So here’s the opportunity. Ha!

So I’ve always proclaimed myself a shoe-lover. I would often brag having about 50 pairs or something. But when we had our house renovated 2 years ago which meant a bigger room for me and learning about organizing hacks using a hat/bag stand, I didn’t realize that I’ve amassed quite a collection of hats. Yay! Proof: this IG post.

Having a fedora is simply a sign of being a fashion blogger and therefore I must have it. Nah, I’ve had it since way back – a trip to Boracay around 2009 especially but I just had to give mine to a scuba diving friend who asked for it two years ago. Okay fine, I fancy him then. Lol. I got myself a new one last year because you just simply couldn’t deny the chic points of this good topper. Like in this look below, can you imagine it without that decorative accessory in my head? Come on concentrate….squint, squint… Haha! It’s not the same right? It's one of those looks where I would really feel incomplete without it. And that’s the power of a hat for you.

Since I don’t know how to end this post, should I just say “Happy National Hats Day!?” Haha! :D

Hat: Cotton On
Vest: Mango
Dress: The Ramp
Shoes: Aldo

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