Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mercure JKT

Switched hotels from last time where we regularly stayed at to be closer to the client’s office, Mercure’s location in Central Jakarta is just a huge relief given Jakarta’s traffic situation.😅 It’s just around 15 minutes away from the shopping locations in the city and there’s a metro station a few minutes’ walk away from the hotel.

Though most of the time I stayed in my room to work, it’s good that they have a trust speedy wifi connection that doesn’t limit the number of device that connects to it. (Fyi, I work with multiple phones in my job hehe). But I love the design of the room and how it’s just separated to the shower with a glass panel. Haha. Uhmm, it took time for me to adjust to this set-up (lol) but there are blinds provided too if you’re sharing with someone in the room.

I’ll probably spend most of my future biz trips here so I appreciate that they have a small gym at the 8th floor where the pool and rooftop bar is located. When I’m away for work, I usually do my workouts in the morning since some of the evenings are spent having dinner with clients. I either go for run or a swim. Just quick 15-30 minute cardios would do. 😅

I’ve also tried their mocktails at De’Langit Rooftop bar one time in the late afternoon while my room is being serviced and it was a good alternative for a workplace with their discotheque music blasting in the background. Hehe. I’ve yet to try their Karaoke nights though since the last two times I stayed at were rainy evenings in JKT.

Lastly, the lobby. You can tell that the lobby means business with PCs provided for the guests. It’s nice that short informal meetings can be held here in this set-up and that I can always ask for a cold ginger tea from the reception. One of the receptionist (I forgot her name, my bad! 😅) who greeted me personally in my return (she assisted me in my check-out last time :)) told me that I can ask for it anytime. Love that she remembered me and this extra service. Uhm, if anything, I don’t remember getting my chocolates on the first day of my second stay though. Lol. 😅

Though sometimes you really don’t look forward to biz trips because of the work it entails and lost time going to and forth, but it’s not bad when you know you’re taken cared of in hotels like this.  Last time I explored the Cikini area by myself and found a good place for coffee. I look forward to exploring some hidden gems of this city during my stay in the future. And thanks to Mercure Cikini for the hospitality during my stay. ‘Til my next trip. ;)

**This trip is not paid by Mercure. Just sharing my personal review of the hotel. :)