Thursday, November 2, 2017

#FitnessFriday: Self-Acceptance/ Self-Love

"If we hate any part of ourselves, then nothing is ever good enough."

For the last #fitnessfriday posts featuring activewear from my sponsors Rosegal and Zaful, they were always about a review of the product and making sure I somehow look good with it in the photos. I’m sure that by now the brand’s quality is pretty much established and proven trendy. So let me just tackle another point here…

The truth is, I wasn’t really satisfied with how I presented the products upon myself. Lol. Prolly not my tiptop shape to wear something ab-baring or (or lack thereof) or skintight at the moment of shoot. I was pretty sure I didn’t slip into my regular fitness routine too though I could’ve overeaten or something and there could be a whole other reasons why.

But at the end of the day, aside from the pressure from the sponsors to post (lol), I just have to finally let these pics out and say, “Sod it!” This body has run half marathons in the past, can do a back to back dance (energetic if I may add) class if needed or climb the second highest summit of the country without prior training. This body has served me well so much. What do I have to complain about?

Quick description of the items here: if you haven’t heard of the naked trend, well it has taken over the athleisure world particularly in the form of leggings. I’ve had attendees doing double takes if I was really wearing at the bottom with this nude two tone thingy. Haha! And it’s so sweet to find a cool take on the hoodie with this open front top from Rosegal.

Plunging sports top, yaaay! Definitely flattering for flat-chested ITBC members. Lol. But what I appreciate the most here is the half-hand coverage through a thumbhole that doubles up as fitness gloves for tough workouts. 💪 

P.S. Use the code ZafulChen and RosegalChen in your purchases to get additional discounts. :) Happy Shopping! 

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