Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Stashed

As we embrace the sunny days ahead, it’s time for that urge to clean my full-to-bursting wardrobe. Hehe.  I know, it’s always been summer here *roll eyes* but if you’re like me who traveled to somewhere wintry for the last 6 months or purchased something fall- or wintry appropriate that you wanted to make more mileage  of during the "relatively colder" season, it’s time to do something about them to make way for space in your closet. Amirite? :P

Keep, stash or donate. Before end of last year, I already gathered stuff to be given away to my nieces and younger cousins. So since  the donating has been done, it's now time to work on the heavier items/ accessories that were used a few months earlier to combat the cold weather (see post here).

One of the items that needs to be stashed is the highlight of today’s post – the leopard coat. You see, I’m one who doesn’t shy away from a coat that makes a statement. And what statement is there better than this leopard number? It’s something that I’ve wanted to have since forever because of its timeless appeal. (Check out here how Kate Moss styles it through the years). I’m a little sad coz I feel that I haven’t used it that much this year (haha!) but no worries because I know that come colder season I just need to take it out and it will still work with my planned combos in mind. Until the next cold season, leopard coat! :D But before that, let's have a look at how I wore it for work and in Tokyo below. :)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Coat/ Sunnies: Mango; Shoes: CMG

Coat/ Pants: Mango; Top: Zara; Shoes: Zalora
And here's a preview of how I wore it in Tokyo. There shall be a separate travel post for this. :)

Coat/ Pants: Mango; Shoes: Chinese Laundry

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