Thursday, April 13, 2017

Biyaheng Sorsogon

How many beautiful beaches does our country have? Do you ever vow to visit atleast a new one each year? Well, I do. Although I love visiting other countries, I also make it a point to travel locally. Last year I got acquainted with the Burias islands of Quezon as seen here and last weekend, as you may have already seen in the previous posts, got to see the beauty of Sorsogon – a province located at the southern tip of Luzon.

The name has always been associated with the gentle giants/ whalesharks (or butandings) in Donsol but I was particularly after their pinkish beaches in Matnog island (you can see the crushed red corals that are responsible for the rare pink sand color) because I want something that’s slightly out-of-the-radar for most tourists. Being the last point of Luzon means you can get there by land and so we sat in a 12 to 13 scenic ride from Manila after which we took a 30min boat ride to Subic Beach. Basically, we covered only Tikling and Calintaan islands and the Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary as you will see below. And they were all worth it.

And since this is a style blog (lol!), I will take this opportunity to plug also my partners and the swimwears they sent me. The very ones I should’ve worn long ago during the cruise (see here!) but received them late because of the very efficient postal system. Ugh.

Rosegal: Polka Dot Striped One Piece Swimwear

It turns out, I love myself a print on print number in swimwear too! ;)

Rosegal: Backless One Piece Swimsuit

Anything that's black and white for me is so hard to resist. 

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