Friday, July 8, 2016

Simple with the LBD

"When a little black dress is right, there's nothing else to wear in its place."

There's a reason why today the little black dress is a wardrobe must, a long-standing concept in fashion. It's minimal, versatile and elegant. Since Coco Chanel debuted it in the 1920s (check my Coco-inspired look here), the garment has undergone different looks from femme fatale in 1950's  to business-empowered in 1980's and to grunge a few years after. * And yet, the enduring popularity of the LBD can't be explained only by its unquestionable versatility.

Sure, being versatile means there are a "million" ways to style this dress but for this post let's just stick to one of it's famous quotes from one of its proponents Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor quoted above. When the structure and fit is right (be it an oversized coat as seen in second photo), you don't need too much anything to add on it and let the garment stand on its own. ;)

*You can also check my history of LBD post here.

Dress/ Clutch: Mango; Shoes: H&M

Dress/ Shoes/ Sunnies: Zalora; Bag: Balenciaga

Dress: Warehouse; Shoes: H&M

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