Thursday, July 21, 2016

Accessorizing Your Off-the-Shoulder Top

Up until now, the debate is still on whether this summer's biggest trend - the off-the-shoulder top is work-appropriate. But sometimes when it's simply hot out especially before it rains, the issue becomes a moot point. Luckily for me, my work environment allows for some laid-back/ casual setting and we don't have an HR staff to actually point fingers at me so I wear them on a regular basis (See my collection and classification here) :P But to actually tone down this shirt silhouette in a professional environment, I make sure to pair it with conservative bottoms like wide-leg trousers, midi skirts or high-waisted denims as seen in the gallery below.

But if ever you're workplace is not too conservative like mine, I found a very budget-friendly way to accessorize this cute top and I highly recommend that you try it too. Now, we all know how chokers were also big this summer and spring amirite? (You can also check how I improvised mine in this post. :P) This time, I had to hoard some paisley handkerchiefs from a department store and turn them into chokers. As seen in some international bloggers, I think this accessorizing tip makes for one elevated off-shoulder look. Choose a regular-sized hanky, triangle it and continue folding up to a 2-inch size. In the three cases below, I start from the throat, wrap it around and tie the ends infront. 

At this point, I will stop talking and let the images speak below. Like it? Sound off in the comments. :)

Top/ Hat: H&M; Bag: Balenciaga; Pants: Unbranded; Shoes: Rubi

Top/ Sandals: H&M; Skirt: Asos; Hat: Zara

Top: Zara; Pants: Mango; Belt: Dorothy Perkins

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