Monday, June 8, 2015

That Thing Called Fascinator

A late post for Kentucky Derby week... 

Sometimes when I need inspiration for an outfit (translation: when I don’t feel like looking at my long list of my carefully planned mix-and-match combos), I turn to recent events in the world. Apparently this is not something new if you refer to these posts (part 1 and 2). And for this certain week, the style websites that I avid alerted me in one of the greatest people-watching events in the world – the Kentucky Derby.

This is an annual horse racing event held in the namesake place and is known as “the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” But to steal a line from the websites, the real spectacle is in the outrageous display of hats as this is also known for a headwear fashion show. Just a quick history, the founder of this racing-event used high-class women to attend the race in the 1920s and it has become a quick opportunity for them to show off the latest in spring fashion. The advent of TV in the 1960s meant more exposure for the spectators and so the hats became more festive, elaborate and extravagant. The tradition continued on until today but the fancy hats were not limited to ladies anymore. Other traditions include drinking mint julep and serving burgoo.

So, around this week, I simply decided to give my LBD a little oomph by wearing this fascinator I got while shopping for accessory requirements in my styling class. It’s a little annoying habit of mine when I go shopping (lol!) but is not expensive and could be a good “focal point” sometimes. *wink*

Hat: Unbranded; Dress: Mango; Timepiece: Guess; Shoes: CMG

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