Friday, June 5, 2015

Coco Made Me Do It

Of course part of the lectures in the fashion styling workshop I took is a study of fashion history. And since the instructor asked us to focus on a particular era by producing editorials out of it, I couldn’t help but understand why that age was pronounced the golden age of French fashion and appreciate the designer behind it – 1920s and Coco Chanel.

Sure, it’s easy to proclaim one loves Chanel. But back then, I couldn’t afford to do so because I feel it’s too pretentious. After all, I couldn’t afford to have a single stitch of such luxurious brand. But a closer study of the woman behind the fashion house and her legacy made me realize that - I don’t have to proclaim it. It’s unconsciously within me – my love for her so-called Little Black Dress, layered pearls and nautical looks – it’s all because of the woman’s brilliance! No other designer represented elegant chic more than Madame Chanel. And yes, I love all her timeless work!

So for the actual representation in the class, I just simply had to recreate this look. This 1926 Vogue cover with her sketch of a calf-length simple black sheath and labeled it “a frock that all the world would wear”. Because all the women did indeed! :)

Dress: Warehouse; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins; Hat: Aldo

And from then on, everytime Sir Lev would assign us another editorial, there's always the question that's so worthy caption of this photo below, "What would Coco Chanel do?" Haha! One of my aspirations in life is to be known as the woman who's dressed elegantly. Sigh.

And for the other 1920s editorial, I was surprised to find out that in my state of overflowing wardrobe I couldn't find any combo that would be flapper-look worthy. I admit this did not fully commit to the look but the instructor did notice the rebellious attitude so he appreciated the effort - a bit plunging LBD, my eyebrow liner used as a cigarette props (haha!) and fur/wig that I had to get all the way from Divisoria market. 

The gallery below as per my interpretation is the day-to-night look of a French woman in the 1920s using a little plunging black dress. Elegantly clad in the day but wild and wicked at night. Lol! ;)
Dress: Mango; Coat: Unbranded; Shoes: Promod; Gloves: Unbranded
2nd look shoes: Zara; Necklace: The Landmark

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