Tuesday, May 5, 2015


History really repeats itself no? But the amazing part is how it all happens on the same time of the year. I know I just talked about it here but this time it's not an outfit but rather, an event. After the teambuilding trip to Subic as seen in the post below, Timehop resurfaced photos of me in Subic’s Ocean Adventure with a friend four years ago. But funny that prior to that I was also in an oceanarium here in Manila. So they all coincidentally happened in the same time of the year. 

You’d think that after many visits in attractions like this and being a certified scuba diver, there’s nothing new to discover. Well this time, I tried to put more effort in taking mental notes of the species' name. Haha. You see, the struggle is real. It has always been like that even underwater. Lol. My favorite part of the attraction? The jellyfish exhibit.

Just like sharks, jellyfish have projected a negative image because of their stings. But they’re not all harmful. I should know because I remember swimming with a swarm of these critters in Bataan a few years back and never did I get stung. But I am impressed with the way this Ocean Park represented this group of animals. Who would’ve thought of visualizing them as dancing sea fairies underwater, complete with soothing music and multimedia effects? 

As seen below, they're boxed in a pool with changing neon lights to make them appear more  beautiful. With dancing being one of my passion – of course this definitely appealed to me. I actually think this idea is brilliant! The next time I have an encounter while scuba diving, I’ll try to imagine them gracefully gliding as my back-up dancers as I maneuver my way underwater. =)

Dress: Tomato; Necklace: Unbranded

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