Friday, May 22, 2015

An Anderson Reference

“The details, that’s what the world is made of.” – Wes Anderson

His movie poster for The Grand Budapest once caught my attention because of its whimsical nature. I remember saving a copy of the picture itself simply because “I like seeing pretty things.” Come to think about it, I didn’t even bother to get to know who the director was then.  Shame.

As fate would have it, the name Wes Anderson would eventually be revealed to me when our styling instructor grouped us to create an editorial inspired by one of his movies. He briefly gave us a background of the director – his penchant for sticking to a certain palette per movie.

Now that I have gathered more details about him for this post, the more I find myself curious to actually watch one of his films. Yet again, double shame because given the tight schedule, me and my classmate focused only on the color composition aspect per se of the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Had I known how meticulous Anderson is when it comes to details, I would’ve seen the movie itself and gone gaga for this editorial. Like seriously. Reading this beginner’s guide to his movies is just soooo inspiring that I wanna apply his filmography techniques to styling. Haha!

But with a one week deadline, this is the by-product of our humble effort - red and blue by the bay. Still, I am proud of our collaboration given our meager resources (aka an iPhone5  for the shots and us taking photos of ourselves – the group was taken by Teray’s nanny) and I had really fun working with this girl.

Honestly, I had so many ideas for this homework that were not executed. The fashion styling class is over (*sob*) and a lot of the editorials submitted will be featured here soon. Wait for it. :) But I know to myself, this Wes Anderson editorial is not yet over. Haha! I don’t have to be in a styling class to work on it right? All I need is time and imagination….Soon…

Red gown: Mango

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