Sunday, March 29, 2015


Once again I know I'm quoting an article here but according to a recent study, the fashion industry is hurting because of the increase of popularity of casual wear. Athleisure (a fashion buzzword apparently from last year), as the name suggests, is a "gym-to-office" trend of clothing which is a result of more people embracing a healthier lifestyle. Well, you know what to expect right? Tank tops, jogger pants, sneakers and yoga pants for casual wear. Though I'm strongly against the last one...

Anyway, speaking of sneakers, I got myself these Stan Smiths as a nod to this trend. A gym rat I have always been but not a sneaker type of girl. I still remember how it started though - from Chucks to New Balance to this pair that somehow launched my #sportyfriday wears at work. That one day where comfort prevails over fashion. :P

And about my jogger pants? I've always been proud to announce if some clothing here aren't mine (translation: my brother's). So yeah, I'm guilty again. It's from this line of clothing that he's sort of endorsing so they sent him several pairs. It's just too comfy to resist and I actually wear them for dancing sometimes. Perfect example of gym to office clothing. Haha!

Jacket: Mango
Top: Maldita
Pants: Outkast
Shoes: Adidas
Sunnies: SunniesStudios

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