Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Gold Dress Trick ✨💫

Let’s talk about the Academy’s! No, not the La La Land and Moonlight mixup but rather the dresses. It’s just funny how this article pointed out one thing in common about the Best Actress winners and their dresses based on their investigation for the last 13 years. Granted, metallic dresses is for sure one way to stand out in this prestigious awarding ceremony but did you know that from the said article – simply put, wearing gold is the way to bag that coveted Best Actress award. Lol! And I’m so happy for Emma Stone (Yes, the way her ex-Andrew teared up when she accepted her award. That happy. Lol!)

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I wore something Oscars or Emma-inspired to be specific (if you look at this post from years ago, so long ago I know!) but I decided to take out my sequined white jumpsuit yesterday because it’s so shiny and glitzy and can easily be toned down to make it work appropriate. It’s also supposed to be part of my previous post where I tackled fashion myths. Yes, sparkly dresses are not reserved for night dressing anymore too! ;)

Added up a trench coat in the look below and I didn’t have so much photos but it’s the same dress here and here. :) I wonder where though will this outfit make me win? Haha! Congratulations to all the Academy awards winners! 

Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins; Coat: Here; Shoes: Zalora

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