Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sponsored: Leggings 2.0

With leggings outpacing denim online, there’s no denying that it and athleisure are here to stay. And as with any trend, the only future is to see them in different variations. Sheer panels, cutouts, prints and color – the options are endless. And for sure you’ve happened to see them in any of the It girls during their workouts.

Having said that, Zaful gave me the opportunity to test drive the trend in the form of these stretchy pants with high mesh panels. Yep, they really look sexy but let’s move past that and focus on its breathability. I’ve worn them in my yoga sesh for a few times now and not only do they get the girl’s attentions and make you cool but they indeed cool you off during your hardest workouts. Sexy and functional, no complaints from this girl right here. If this ain’t your thing though, you can also one of their leggings with mesh panel that is found in this post. ;) 

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