Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 Squad

It's that time of the year again when you take a moment to reflect and thank some people who made this year a memorable one. Of course, this being a style blog #ootds (or lack thereof) included. Lol!

Let's start with the bff. I know I just featured her two posts ago but I couldn't have been more thankful for the level of closeness we shared this year. Just a little background, we've known each other as "seatmates" from the backside of a jampacked Retropop class on a weekend some 5 years ago. On Wednesday nights though, we take it up a notch and take the left front side of the GX (group exercise) classroom because we're that rad in hiphop. Lol! We started really to get closer when we both trained as Retropop instructors in the gym two years ago and even more so when we both shared the same "olats" (losers in lovelife) status this year. Also a certified Karen (kaladkarin), I could easily pull her to places I wanna go to even on a very sudden birthday trip to a wellness sanctuary.

Aside from being the package deal (her +1), we're also quite known as the twinnies in the gym. Ze bff and I own a lot of the same pieces (her size a tad smaller of course, lol!) and sometimes even turns up together in unexpected matchy matchy pieces.

The million dollar question will finally be answered. Most of you who are so curious about my instagram-husband photographer would be satisfied to know that this fella is responsible for my #ootds. One of my trusted staff at work, this talented guy is one of the persons I share most of my passion in life with: dancing, traveling, fashion/ styling and lovelife goals. Lol. Though x years my junior, it's amazing how he could knock some sense into me when I talk to him about ze boyz. The talk doesn't seriously get more real (albeit funny) with him. =))

Same with ze bff, we also turn up sometimes in matchy matchy outfits as seen below. What can I say, great minds do think alike! Hahaha!!!

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