Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fashion Month Report: Key Trends

Another thing I love about my birth month September? Fashion month! This means fresh street style inspirations from my favorite style icon and fashion bloggers from New York to Paris (hello, Olivia Palermo!) And from what I've seen so far through the numerous coverage in Instagram, they were indeed glorious! 

Imagine though, different shows from four fashion capitals of the world, that could mean hundreds of outfits and could be a bit overwhelming. Luckily for us, this credible website has identified 12 key trends as observed from the treasure trove that according to them will stick around. Plus, they have predicted below what will be the new erogenous zone for 2017. Sadly, it's goodbye collarbone. Bye for now, off shoulders. :(

And I'm elated to report that out of the 12 key trends, I have identified a total of seven entries from the past. Yay! Some of these outfits went as early as June which looks good since these key trends will still work for the coming months. ;) Though street style are not really wearable IRL, you can still check how you can incorporate some of the items below in your outfit. Enjoy. :)

Khaki. This classic fabric emerged in covetable shapes and silhouettes like ruffled skirts and tailored trousers.

I guess it was wise of me to invest in this khaki vest thinking it's a super close cousin of the camel trench coat. ;)

Vest/ Top/ Bag: Mango; Skirt: Apartment 8; Shoes: Marks & Spencer

Menswear. A masculine-meets feminine that always circles back around in divine fabrications.

Well, the entry below isn't exactly the oversized clothing from the looks below but still an androgynous look. ;)

Hat/ Top/ Jumpsuit: Unbranded; Shoes: Zalora

Shiny Leather. Patent leather makes a bold return as seen on women wearing it on coats, skirts, boots and beyond.

Sparkle. Ladies infused their outfits with a little daytime sequin sparkle, which makes us rethink keeping our cocktail dresses captive in the closet.

I had once a colleague who would tease and call me "shiny disco ball" for one outfit choice in the past. Seriously, why would we limit our sequined dresses to night parties or NYE? *roll eyes*  

Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Zara
Tartan. There's always a plaid of the moment, and this time around, it's tartan.

Again, the entry below is a close relative of the tartan - a simple gingham skirt. ;)

Top: Apartment 8; Skirt: Zalora; Shoes: H&M

White Shoes. For perhaps, the most dominant street style trend of fashion month, ladies in all four cities skipped black boots and slipped into crisp white heels instead.

Top: H&M; Dress: Mango; Shoes: Zalora

Corsets. Back in August, we predicted bustiers  weand corsets would be popular, and after a slew of stylish women were spotted wearing the trend throughout fashion month, we know it's a trend to try.

Seriously, who doesn't want pieces that highlights the waist? 

Bodysuit/ Shoes: H&M; Belt: Dorothy Perkins; Trousers: Mango

Other key trends observed were the following:

Big Bags.
Circular Cutout.
Eastern Influence.
Statement Knits.
Stirrup Pants.

You can check the said article for more detailed info. :) 

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