Friday, September 2, 2016

Off-Shoulders for Fall

In this post, I sort of hoped that off-shoulder tops will elevate its status from #1 trend of summer to a wardrobe staple. My simple basis for this is the emergence of the silhouette in different fabrics that's simply appropriate for weather transition. One particular trend with the same history was the matching coords that is still seen in some bloggers today.

So, if you're like me who's a BIG fan and wouldn't stop baring shoulders (lol!), simply swap cotton and linen iterations and opt for longer sleeves to offset exposed shoulders come fall and winter season. Proof? Look at trendsetter Bella Hadid's style here. Of course you can always update your shoe game to make it weather-appropriate too. Her outfit kind of actually reminds me of this dress from Mango I got for half the price during the midyear sale. Guess I can swap ankle boots in here come -BER months where we are exactly now. Hello, September my favorite month!

I think it's safe to predict now that off-shoulders are now a wardrobe staple. And if ever I am wrong about my prediction, then I guess I can just be thankful that we don't have fall/ winter here in PH and I can safely wear my collection of this top anytime. *grins*

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