Thursday, June 16, 2016

Castaway (Burias Island)

I do hereby acknowledge (1) That my second to the last post is about Maldives and (2) That the next post after that is where I mentioned that its already the start of rainy season here but

Yeah, I went to the beach again last weekend. *grins*

This time its in the less known islands in the South namely, Alibijaban Island (a 15-min boat ride fronting the mainland of San Andres, Quezon Province) and if you have extra time you can tour the surrounding Burias Islands of Masbate (Tinalisayan, Sombrero and Animasola). My impression is that this place has been relatively under the radar which is good for me because I like quiet beaches (guess you can say Im not a people person, lol!) but with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, something tells me that it's going to be crowded like Calaguas Island soon. :( All it takes is that one sensational social media post.

Alibijaban is known for its mangrove forest. We took a short boat ride to view them and swim in a supposedly sandbar but was on a high tide during that time. :-/ Everything is back to basics here (lack of electricity, water rationing, tent living etc.) which is all fine by me . :) This is also where I saw one of the most dramatic sunrise as seen below.

Tinalisayan Island. This island is a bit literally rough around the edges with its sharp rocks along the beach shore but it's a charming island too with an adjacent long sandbar, scenic hill and rock formations. Most of the shoots were done here mainly because it was the first stop in the second day. Haha!

Sombrero Island. This was my favorite actually. Apart from its Maldives vibes from afar, I really like this rock formation upon which this island was named after.

There are also some other islands that we visited where you could do a cliff jump (funny how it's just a common activity for me now :P), Snake Island (stopped by for quick group photo-ops) and Animasola Island (known for its rock formations but skipped because of location). So many islands to explore, the Philippines is truly worth visiting y'all. ;)

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