Friday, May 20, 2016

Jurong Gardens

One look at the spiral stairs of the Chinese Garden in VisitSingapore (btw, a top tip in checking out countries you visit in Instagram) and I was sold. Located all the way to the west side of Singapore, I could understand why some would put it off in their agendas. But I was determined to see it for myself on my first day, with or without company. Luckily, through a random chat and a casual mention of the place, I found out that John (a friend of mine/ SG resident now for 2 years) hasn’t been and was willing to test out his new camera. ;) I was secretly happy to dress (and hat up) more than necessary. Hihihi. *wink*

Sometimes it’s one of those super random and unplanned activities that bring out the best moments no? John and I had a pleasant stroll for two-hours through the beautifully manicured gardens in that cloudy afternoon. Some of its details are just too pretty like one of the pathways in the 4th picture below. Oh and did I mention it was fun trying to imitate the “follow me to”concept? Haha. It was indeed the perfect day to spend the Labor day holiday. The Jurong Gardens, however far from the city, certainly lives up to its blurb – a perfect respite from the bustle of the city. J

Hat: Zara; Dress: Unbranded; Shoes: Mango; Bag: Kate Spade

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