Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Did you know that there’s more to La Union than just the swell for surfing? There’s this hidden gem in San Gabriel called Tangadan falls that’s worth visiting if you’re a nature-lover. Not only does it satisfy the inner nemophilist in you, the place also brings out the daredevil in you with cliff-jumping opportunities. Check out my video here.

Waking up at 6AM (instead of the planned departure at that time) from Caba, I was disappointed that the trek would have us reaching the place late in the morning in a crowded state. Luckily, that Saturday morning, there were only two groups of visitors and it was rather easy to squeeze a li’l shoot by the rock in the middle of the pool with a view of the 40-ft cascading waterfalls.  

I believe we took the easier route going in but we opted to unleash the Dora explorers in us on the way out by looking for that cliff in the video. In all fairness, the trek (and the body pain that came after) is truly worth it and the views of the gorges, boulders and cliffs are very rewarding. I'd hate to see a very overrated photo of flocking tourists in here soon but the place really deserves a recognition. 

Swimwear/ Denim cuutoffs: Topshop

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