Saturday, February 7, 2015

Monochromatic Sensibilities

As early as 2007, prolly 20lbs+ ago, I was already blogging about this color combo. Need proof? It’s here. It’s one of the no-brainer and fail-safe combo that you’d go to for a put-together look, officewear or otherwise. Uncle Karl Lagerfield was once even quoted “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means”.  So unless you are strongly against these hues (or hate Dalmatians for that matter :p) then I’m pretty sure that you’ve tried this graphic look  before.

It’s timeless, unbreakable and chic all over. Waxing poetic not much needed.  

When I captioned the Perfect Pair in this look in my social media accounts, I was only talking about the skinny jeans. What with a big pair of legs like mine, it’s really hard to find one with a nice fit. So when a friend commented which pair exactly I was talking about, I ended up defending the whole look – the high contrast, the cropped top and high waist and the jeans itself.  It was initially meant to be just a retort as I have even added that I was perfect in the end (with a lol!). But now that I’ve given this look a much more thought for blogging purpose, I was more convinced that everything was perfect. Of course I’m still kidding about myself being one. :P

Sunnies: Flea market in Osaka
Necklace: Zara
Top: Unbranded
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Zalora

In the interest of monochromatic dressing, I took the liberty to add more two looks below:

If you ever feel that your black and white ensemble looks plain, you can punch up your outfit by adding some alien-like round sunnies here. ;)

Sunnies: Sunnies Studios
Blazer: Mango
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Shoes: Zalora
Belt: Unbranded

And for the last look, I remember that this store had the same design on a different color. But I picked this one because it looks more elegant. The black lace contours on a white background produces the best silhouette than the other one. Perfect pair for optical illusion! :)

're t

Sunnies: Flea market in Osaka
Necklace: Zara
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Marks & Spencer

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