Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blue & Pink Sneakers!

Dear Isabel Marant,

I may never afford this coolest invention of yours when it comes to footwear but thank you for brilliantly coming up with the wedge sneakers.


Lol. Those high-top beauties. I never imagined myself integrating rubbers into my casual looks but if a popular French fashion house introduces it and celebrities follow suit then you might as well jump into the bandwagon. Thanks to many online shops, I found a colorful pair that is actually too colorful for my liking, lol. But I didn't wanna buy a pair that looks like anything from the original designs lest mine may look a cheap replica. Moreover, this pair I have is actually not wedge at all which is all the more great for dancing in the gym. ;) I've had this pair since 2012 which was debuted in this post and have worn it in countless ways but only noticed now that there's never a #threewaythursday post about it in my other blog, lol. So here's one of the look I pulled off using the sneakers. :)

Cap: Cotton On
Watch: Swatch
Dress: H&M
Buttondown: My brother's
Shoes: Online shop

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