Thursday, May 15, 2014


With Manila's temperature recording it's highest to 37-degree Celsius last Friday, I'm sure that every FIlipino would just die for a piece of Olaf's cloud of flurry.  But since that is impossible, I'll be happy with having refreshments as a replacement.  And what's the first refreshment that comes to your mind during summer?  Please say ice cream, please say ice cream.  Hahaha!!

I knew it.  This is what actually inspired my #ootd today.  And since it's #tbt, this outfit is actually a #throwback to this favorite ice cream flavor of mine that I used to enjoy when I was a kid.  I've been looking for a photo of it via Google but sadly, I couldn't find any.  I do remember the brand being Coney Island though and of course, the colors.  It's part pink/ part mint (or light-blue) and it has this yummy bubblegum at the bottom of the cone. Hehe. :) So if this post actually made you wanna eat an ice cream right now, go ahead and indulge. =)

Top: Aeropostale
Skirt: The Ramp
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Blazer: Sari-sari

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